"Deposit" - deposits to OKX subaccounts

How to add a deposit address to each of your wallets and withdraw tokens to your OKX subaccounts?

Once you're done with an activity, you often need to withdraw tokens from a wallet to an exchange to continue doing this activity using other wallets. When this happens, you can't just withdraw assets from all your wallets to one address (this will create on-chain interaction with the same address and you will most likely be marked as a "sybil") and you will need to be able to send assets to subaccounts and deposit addresses on OKX exchange since OKX allows you to generate up to 120 unique addresses to receive tokens per 1 account. You can find out how to create subaccounts, get deposit addresses, and why you need one Metamask address and one exchange deposit address in more detail in this article: "Detailed guide to multi-accounting".

The instruction on how to add OKX deposit addresses for your wallets:

  • Go to the "Deposit" section in the Combine app.

  • The second part of the screen shows a list of your wallets. The first field contains a wallet address outside of an exchange (Metamask or some other hot wallet). The second field contains a deposit address but you need to add one first for it to show up in the field.

  • To add a deposit address, click "Click to add address".

Remember, you need one hot wallet address tied to one exchange deposit address.

  • 1 - Enter the OKX exchange deposit address in the first field.

  • 2 - Enter a name for the address in the second field.

  • 3 - Click "Save".

  • To remove a deposit address, click on the address.

  • Confirm removal.

  • Now let's get back to withdrawing assets to subaccounts. Select the network where you want the deposit to take place.

  • In the "Choose Token to withdraw" field, select a token from a list or by searching.

  • You can double-check the contract of the chosen token in the "Input contract address".

  • You can also paste the contract address into the "Input contract address" field. The Symbol field will show the token symbol.

  • In the "Settings and Amount" field, you can select "All" to send all tokens you have in your wallets.

  • 2 - To set a range of what should remain on the wallet balance, select "Leave range".

  • 3 - Enter the range in the Min and Max fields. The system will determine a random sum in this range to be left on a wallet after withdrawal.

  • 4 - Select wallets and click "Apply to selected wallets".

  • You will see the amount that will be deposited from your wallets to exchange in the "Amount to deposit" field.

  • Then click "Deposit to subaccs".

  • The fields Min delay secs and Max delay secs specify the delay between withdrawals to different wallets. The minimum will be set to the exchange minimum by default, which is usually 6-7 seconds.

  • Double-check the specified data and confirm the deposit.

  • You can also set the amount to deposit for each wallet individually by setting the "Amount to deposit" field next to a wallet.

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