What is "Combine"?

Learn more about the Combine app and its functionality.

Combine is an application that allows you to manage multiple wallets across different blockchains from a single interface and automate actions in these blockchains.

The application includes free functionality, which consists of:

  • Working with exchanges like OKX, ByBit, Binance, BitGet and Gate. Combine allows you to send tokens across various networks to your wallets from supported exchanges, as well as work with sub-accounts, send tokens from wallets to exchange deposit addresses, view balances of different tokens on exchanges, and more;

  • Voting on Snapshot.org. Thanks to the Combine application, you can vote with any number of your wallets in any polls on the Snapshot service;

  • Bungee Refuel - automation of the Bungee protocol functionality, which allows you to top up your wallets with "gas" in various networks;

  • Drop Checkers - on a regular basis, we provide our users with "checkers" to verify wallets for upcoming drops. Since the application's inception, we have implemented checkers for airdrop verification from Scroll, Starknet, ZkFair, Avail, Ekubo and others.

  • Drop Claimers - a feature that allows claiming airdrop tokens from various projects. Since the application's inception, we have helped our users claim drops from Starknet, ZkFair, and others.

The paid functionality of the application involves the automation of actions in various blockchains. The paid functionality is implemented as modules that are purchased separately for each network on a one-time basis. Currently, Combine offers automation for the following protocols:

What is it for?

The main goal of Combine is to optimize and simplify the daily actions of our users. Users who manage more than one wallet understand how much daily work it is to maintain activity on all wallets. Combine allows you to automate your actions, thereby saving your energy and time.

"Why do something manually if it can be automated?" we thought, and created Combine. Additionally, Combine will allow you to scale the number of your wallets and, accordingly, increase the amount of rewards received for actions within the protocol in which you are active.

Automation is designed in such a way that actions on wallets are randomized and not repeated. Your transactions are always performed in a different sequence, in different protocols, with different amounts, and at different intervals between transactions. When launching a "session," you choose in which protocols the software will perform transactions; you set the amount in $ with which the software will work; the upper limit of Gwei in the network, upon reaching which the software will pause and continue working only after reaching the necessary Gwei level, allowing you to save money and make the most profitable transactions, and much more that will allow you to create a wallet that looks as much like a real user exploring the network as possible.

It is almost impossible to track such a wallet and mark it as Sybil if you follow basic blockchain hygiene rules. Believe me, it is much easier to get marked as Sybil if you make transactions manually with more than 10 wallets.

Within Combine, it is possible to use proxies. You can assign a proxy to each wallet, and all actions that the software performs will go through the proxy instead of your local IP address.

How does it work?

Combine is a desktop application for MacOS and Windows that needs to be downloaded from our official website and installed on your PC or VPS.

  • Next, you need to go through a simple registration process within the application using your email address;

  • After registration, in the Account Manager section, you need to generate new wallets or add your existing ones and link them to accounts;

  • In the Setting -> API Keys section, add the API keys from the exchanges from which you plan to withdraw tokens to your wallets;

  • Go to the Withdraw section and fund the wallets in the network where you will be active or in the network from which you plan to bridge to the desired network;

  • Optionally, you can add proxies and assign them to your wallets;

  • In the Modules shop section, purchase a module for the network where you plan to be active;

  • Within the module, add the wallets you plan to use in the selected blockchain;

  • Set the necessary configuration parameters, select the wallets you want to activate, and start the session;

  • You can track the actions the software has performed or is performing at the moment in the Logs & Progress section;

  • Repeat these actions periodically once a week/month and wait for the project in which you are active to distribute the airdrop.

Where is your private information stored?

All information (API, RPC, private keys, pass-phrases, proxies, etc.) is stored strictly locally on your device. Combine does not collect or send any private information to servers. The application runs completely locally on the device on which it was deployed and your private data never leaves your PC. Wallet generation within Combine is also strictly local.

What actions and in what protocols can be performed within the module?

In general, all modules have identical functionality with blockchain-specific customization, but for example the functionality in the Zora module differs significantly from the functionality in the Scroll module, so if you want to see the full list of features of a particular module, you can explore it by navigating to the desired module in the Modules store section within the Combine app.

So, let's take the Scroll module as an example and consider its functionality:

  1. Bridge mode. This mod will allow you to send tokens from different networks to the Scroll network via bridges such as: Official Scroll Bridge, Orbiter Bridge, Owlto, Rhino.fi, Router Nitro and Relay Bridge;

  2. Block mode. This mod will allow you to interact with different protocols available in the modules. Thanks to this mod you will be able to make on wallets the right number of transactions, interact with unique contracts, interact with different protocols, mine different NFTs, create contracts, etc.

    There are 5 modes inside this mod:

    • Preset Blocks will allow you to run the software with selected scenario blocks, from which a unique scenario will be randomly selected to achieve a selected number of transactions for your wallets. This mode includes swaps, adding and withdrawing liquidity, interacting with landings, etc. More than 13 different protocols are available with about 70 different blocks;

    • Dmail will allow transactions to be sent via the Dmail service with low transaction costs;

    • NFTs2me mode allows you to mine NFTs from the NFTs2me website;

    • Deploy Contracts allows you to create contracts, either custom or through the Merkly service;

    • Merkly NFT Mint & Bridge allows you to mint oNFTs and bridge them to the network of your choice.

  3. Volume mode. This mod will help you to add the necessary trading volume on each wallet. In Volume mode only highly liquid DEX, with low Price Impact and Slippage are available.

  4. Rescue mode. The functionality of this mod will allow you to exchange Stablecoins or other tokens for ETH. The main purpose of this mod is to exchange tokens that may have been left after the end of the session on the wallets back to ETH.

The functionality of the modules is regularly updated and actualized to meet user requests. The current capabilities of the modules and protocols that can be interacted with within the module can be found in the Available applications in modules section.

In the following documentation, we will explain in detail each feature of the Combine application and how to interact with it correctly, so that you can quickly and easily understand and utilize 100% of the available functionality of the Combine application.

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