What is "Combine"?

Here you can find out more about Combine and its capabilities

Meet Combine. This app lets you control and handle all your crypto wallets in one place.

It can withdraw from exchanges, transfer any tokens to your subaccounts, transfer from subaccounts to your main account, withdraw them again, look up balances and activity stats for your wallets, and soon we will add bridges and swaps with cross-tasks to all your wallets. It also has an internal store where you can buy different "retrodrop activity modules" to use with your wallets.

How Does it work?

Just download the "Combine" app (https://www.nfd.gg/), add your wallets, add the API keys of your accounts from exchanges you want to interact with (e.g. withdrawing from Bybit to OKEx subaccounts), and start managing. The app will be regularly updated and expanded with new features, with all updates taking place in the Combine app itself.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do not store any of your private information (API keys, RPC, private keys) in the app, you keep them locally, and only you have access to them.

What functions does Combine have right now?

1. Wallet manager with token balances and Debank portfolio support. You can see the on-chain activity of these wallets, rename them, group them, and edit anything.


2. Withdrawing from exchanges (Binance, Bybit, and OKEx are currently supported) with full customization of ranges, the amount of withdrawn tokens, and time between withdrawals.


3. Deposits to your OKX subaccounts. Also with full customization (e.g. in a range, everything over some remainder value or everything) and time ranges.


4. Transfers from OKX subaccounts to the main OKX account. You will be able to transfer any tokens from your OKX subaccounts to your main account and start distributing them to new accounts through #2.


5. An internal store with "retrodrop activity modules". This is the only paid feature in our app and here you can find out a bit more about it: In this store, you will be able to buy modules you want for any wallets already added to Combine. These will feature LayerZero, ZKsync, Starknet, Polyhedra, etc. The first one, of course, will be the ZKsync module with full customization/gas settings/randomization of over 20 different activities on ZKsync (including ZK lite). What's most important to note here, is that it will have two modes:

  • The first mode will let you do however many transactions you need to do (you will be able to set the amount yourself, and the app will create a unique route to this amount for every wallet you have).

  • The second mode is for maintaining wallet activity, which you will be able to turn on once a week for wallets that have enough transactions to start maintaining activity on ZKsync.

But the best part is that the free parts of the app will let you use your wallets non-stop in one app. For example: - You distribute tokens from an exchange to a group of your wallets, - Turn on the ZKsync module you purchased, - Select the first mode to create transactions and set the required amounts of transactions on your wallets, - Leave enough $ETH on the wallets with the rest withdrawn to OKX subaccounts, - Transfer from OKX subaccounts to OKX main account, - Distribute from the main account to a different wallet group and repeat.

ALL THIS IN ONE APP. No need for any other scripts, apps, or time. Handy? Sure is.

To sum up, Combine is made to optimize time for people who have more than one wallet and those who want to do multi-accounts but don't like the idea of using third-party scripts and complicated software. It is these people, for whom we made Combine with its free features. We hope you have a great time using it. With love, NFD team.

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