Meet the team

Meet the people behind

There's a big team working on, and we will be happy to introduce them to you:

  • CEO - Leo ( Experience: 4 years in crypto. Invested in almost all the big projects, that have launched on the market in the last 2 years. Works directly with many crypto incubators and launchpads.

  • CTO - William. Experience: 10+ years in IT, 5 years in crypto, Masters in CS. Brought from 0 to successful launch multiple complex projects. Expertise in managing different scale teams. Agile/Scrum, Software Design Patters.

  • CCO - Vadim. Experience: In web3 since 2018. Head of content. For more than two years he has been writing for the famous and authoritative communities about various cryptocurrency activities and opportunities to make money from them. During all this time in the market he has gained huge experience in different directions. He can tell simply about complicated things and publish clearly the necessary information about activities even to newbies. He tries to highlight only important events on which it is possible to earn, cutting off different "info-noise" for our users.

  • CMO - Daniil. Experience: Over 2 years in Crypto. Former Solana NFT enthusiast. Experienced in community and outreach management. Works in the NFT ecosystem for 1 year.

  • Head of UX/UI - Vlad. Experience: 8 years of experience, Senior UI/UX Designer, more than 300 completed projects.

  • Full stack web developer - Vitale. Experience: 5.5+ years in development. Team Lead. Founded a successful web studio. Libs and frameworks: React, Angular, React-Native, Next.js, Nuxt.js, Laravel, Django3, Node.js Db’s: Mongo, Redis, SQL, Firebase. Testing: Jest, Cypress, Hardhat libs. Languages: Typescript, Python, PHP, Solidity.

  • Front-end developer - Nikita. Experience: 3 years of working with most popular front-end frameworks and libraries including. Loves working with 3d libraries and solving complex problems. Skills: NextJS, Nuxtjs, Redux, SWR, Formik, SCSS/SASS.

  • Back-end developer - George. Experience: 3+ years in development. Middle back-end developer. Languages: Python, Golang, JS, SQL, Bash, Solidity. Skills: Docker, Nginx, Postgres, gRPC, Rest, Agile.

  • Back-end developer - Dan. Experience: 4+ years developing complex back-end solutions. JS/TS, Python, Rust, Go. Successfully shipped several full scale apps to production. AWS, Docker, Firebase. Redis, MongoDB, SQL.

  • Content manager - Alex. Experience: 3 years in crypto, in half a year he got bumps on all possible topics, from trading to skimpy IDO. But thanks to the negative experience, he was able to decide on the field he likes and become a professional in it. Now he analyzes interesting new projects and searches for activities in them. I get into a project much earlier than others have heard about it, do his research, and then share all the information with the audience. He also writes useful guides that make life easier for crypto community. The team's chief researcher.

  • Content manager - Art. Experience: In Web3 since December 2020. Specializes in finding up-to-date news from primary sources. Analyzes hacker attacks and exploits, selecting the most transparent and reliable projects. Art also searches for insider information and tries to find officially unannounced airdrops. The team's chief insider.

  • Content manager - Ilya. Experience: In web3 since 2019. Actively engaged in NFT mints, as well as searching for early stage projects and WL raffles. He has a lot of experience: has experienced many different NFT trends, can adjust to any meta in time and communicate the incipient trend to the audience in a timely manner. 100% NFT degen. He searches for information on mints by a special methodology, which allows him to find different alpha among the first. The team's chief NFT degen.

  • Content manager - Marsel. Experience: In crypto since 2019. The whole focus is on the nft sphere. He makes reserches of NFT projects and select the best ones from them, many of which he finds at an early stage. The team's chief . With love. From NFD team.

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