zkEVM module

Instructions on how to set up and use the zkEVM module.

Polygon zkEVM is a Layer-2 network based on Ethereum. The project is being developed by the Polygon team. Polygon has attracted over $456 million from Sequoia, SoftBank, Tiger Global, Disney Accelerator, Animoca, Elevation Capital, Sino Global Capital, DCG, Standard Crypto, and other funds.

Polygon has developed an interesting and appealing Toolkit for developers, allowing them to create their own Layer-2 solutions in just a few weeks, with relatively low development costs and low maintenance costs for these Layer-2 solutions.

Manta and X1 from OKX are built using this Toolkit, and the SDK itself was designed based on their expertise in building their own Layer-2, Polygon zkEVM. Many other Layer-2 solutions, like zkFair (which distributed an airdrop of $100 per account just for on-chain activities on Polygon zkEVM as part of the Saga), are likely to be built on the Polygon SDK. There is a high probability that some of these Layer-2 solutions, when distributing tokens through airdrops, will allocate some of these tokens to Polygon zkEVM users as a marketing campaign to attract a loyal community from Polygon zkEVM.

In Polygon zkEVM, competition is very low compared to other Layer-2 networks. By maintaining activity in the Polygon zkEVM network, we have the opportunity to qualify for airdrops from those who will launch their Layer-2 solutions based on Polygon CDK.

The Polygon zkEVM module includes all the necessary functionality to enable you to perform activities on wallets in the Polygon zkEVM network automatically.

Detailed guides on how to work with the zkEVM module:

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