What is NFD.gg?

Who are we and what can our platform provide you with.


In today's crypto space there is a big problem of "information noise". Anyone getting into crypto and trying to find worthwhile crypto projects encounters a huge amount of information that they have to go through daily.


We give you a unique solution to this problem. With NFD you will be able to participate only in the selected activities that will allow you to quickly understand crypto and earn money. Our Aggregator will also help you track all the necessary information on the projects you follow in one place.

No more chats with 2000+ unread messages at night and no more useless information. Only specifics, only key points, only calls-to-action and of course, profits.


To put it simply, NFD.gg offers you filtered and sorted information that is monitored for changes and updates by our team 24/7. Now you won’t miss alpha-projects and alpha-activities that you can earn with. Moreover, all these "Activities" will be synched with your "Calendar", "Tasker" and your "Auto-updates feed" for your activities.

Keeping track of the projects in one place? EASY!

To track all updates for the crypto projects you follow, we have createdNFD Aggregator. It takes two clicks to create a project card that you can use to set up parsing of any data from a Discord channels and a Twitter accounts to Dune analytics, any graphs, as well as any information from OpenSea and Magic Eden. Make use of a conveniently designed dashboard, resizable information blocks, and wide customization. Now you can keep up with updates on all your favorite projects in one place!

Finding projects at an early stage? EASY!

For those who want to be the first to get the information, we created "NFD Alpha Search Tool" — a tool that will help you see what accounts are followed by those who you follow on Twitter, and find their mutually followed accounts. And of course, after that you will be able to track all updates of your discovered alpha-stage projects and sync all this data with your personal calendar. Now you will be the first to discover the best crypto projects!

A list and description of the features (modules) offered by NFD.gg:

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