Transactions mode

Set up and get your wallets up and running to send self-transactions to your wallets.

The Zora network has one feature that can be used to increase the number of transactions on a wallet: if you send ETH to yourself (from this wallet to this wallet), this action will count as a transaction with a very low fee (~$0.05-$0.1). In Explorer this action will look like a normal transaction, but use this mod at your own risk. You can easily be labeled as Sybil for such transactions. We give you the opportunity, and it's up to you to use it or not.

  • In the Mode section, select Block Mode.

  • In the Run mode section, choose how the wallets will be launched:

    1. Parallel - parallel operation (multi-thread) with or without proxies;

    2. One-by-one - wallets will be launched one after another with or without proxies;

    3. One-by-one (mobile proxy) - wallets will be launched one after another using mobile proxies. Mobile proxies should be added in the Settings -> Proxies section and linked to accounts in the Account Manager beforehand.

  • To use a ready-made preset for the software settings, click on the selection field in the Select preset section and choose the desired preset.

  • To launch a pre-prepared group of wallets, select the desired one in the Select Accounts group to launch section.

  • In the Delays section, set the delays:

    1. Wallet - delay between wallet launches;

    2. Transaction - delay between transactions on one wallet.

  • In the Max gas price section, set the maximum gas in the Ethereum network at which transactions will be carried out. The software will wait until the gas in the Ethereum network drops to the specified value before starting transactions. After starting the session, you can change the upper Gwei level in the Logs & Progress tab, by going to the Sessionssubsection.

  • In the Transaction count range field, enter the range of the number of transactions that should be performed on each wallet.

  • In the Work Amount Range field, enter the range of the ETH amount to be sent.

  • If you want the wallets to be activated in a random order, leave the Randomize wallets checkbox enabled.

  • Enable the Dump gas checkbox to lower the transaction processing fee.

  • To save the session delay settings for use in other sessions, click Save this as preset.

  • Click Update Balances to get the current ETH balances on the wallets. If your balances are not loading on the wallets in the Zora network, note that Zora enforces sanctions, and all countries included in the OFAC list are banned on Zora. You need to enable VPN before updating the balances.

  • Select the wallets you want to launch and click Launch.

  • Your wallets have been launched. You can track the progress of wallet operations in the Logs & Progress section.

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