Adding wallets to whitelist on Bybit exchange.

  • Go to the Withdraw section;

  • Click Add;

  • Click Add Batches;

  • Check the two checkboxes:

    1. When the checkbox "The above wallet addresses have been saved as Universal Wallet Address..." is enabled, you will have the ability to withdraw any tokens in the network you added to the whitelist. On the ByBit exchange, you can only add wallets to the whitelist for one specific network at a time. Therefore, if you want to withdraw tokens in both the ETH network and, for example, the Optimism network, you will need to add wallets to the whitelist separately for each network;

    2. When the checkbox "No withdrawal security verification..." is enabled, you do not need to go through additional verification for withdrawals. This checkbox must be enabled.

  • In the Chain Type field, select the network to be added to the whitelist;

  • Click +Add to add an additional 4 fields for address input. On ByBit, you can add up to 5 addresses to the whitelist at a time;

  • In the Address field, paste the wallet address;

  • In the Remark field, enter the wallet name (optional);

  • Click Submit and enter the required verification codes.

  • After adding addresses to the whitelist, token withdrawals to these addresses without verification will be available only after 24 hours.

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