Working with OKX Sub-Accounts

Transfer tokens from OKX sub-accounts to the main account.

Unfortunately, OKX does not support sending tokens directly from sub-accounts, but only from the main account. Therefore, after you have sent tokens to the deposit addresses of sub-accounts, they must be transferred to the main account. This option is available right inside the Combine app.

Transfer tokens from OKХ sub-accounts to the main account:

  • After going to the OKX Subaccs section, select the key for the desired OKX account;

  • Under Master Key Funding Balances we see a display of the master account balance, and under Sub-Accs Total Balances we see the balances of your sub-accounts;

  • To update the balance data, click on the Update icon;

  • Click Select next to the asset you want to transfer from the sub-account to the main account;

  • Click Transfer to main to transfer tokens from a specific sub-account to the main account;

  • To collect tokens from all sub-accounts, click Transfer ALL to Main.

  • Done. Now you can continue to send tokens from OKX to your wallets, or you can send them to another exchange (e.g. Binance/Bybit) and make withdrawals to your wallets from them.

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