Profile Settings

The My Account section is for setting up your profile and getting invited to the private community.

In the My Account section, you can change your profile name and password, set a UI password for important actions within the application, change the application language and color scheme, check login sessions, and view your purchase history within the Combine application.

Section User info:

In this section, you can see the email your account is registered with and your username, which is used as a promo code in the bonus program.

Additionally, in this section, you will find a personal link in the Telegram Invite Link field to join our private community, Community Combine Software // NFD on Telegram. In this community, every user of the paid functionality can address their issues, questions, and clarifications, as well as interact with other users of our application and share their experiences. The community is primarily Russian-speaking, but there is a section for English-speaking users as well.

The link to join this community appears in this section after purchasing any module for more than 50 accounts.

English-speaking community and English-speaking technical support is available on our Discord server. There you will also get technical support and help with any questions you may have while using Combine, but there is also a chat room for English-speaking users on Telegram, so use whichever is more convenient.

Appearance & App Settings section:

  • In the App Language field you can change the language of the application. At the moment two languages are available: Russian and English.

  • In the App theme field, you can change the color of the app theme. There are two options available: dark and light.

Section Security:

In this section, you will find everything related to the security of your profile and the protection of personal data within the Combine application.

  • In the Password field, you can change the password for your Combine account;

  • In the Create UI Password field, you can create a UI password that will protect your data if an intruder somehow gains access to your computer/remote server (VPS). This setting will prevent the intruder from importing your seed phrases/private keys from the application if they cannot enter the password. The password is stored locally, so be sure to write it down after setting it up to avoid losing it. We will not be able to recover it in case of loss, and all your data will be lost.

  • In the Verified devices field, you can see all the devices that have logged into your account. You are allowed to use up to 3 devices. If you try to log in from a fourth device after reaching the limit of 3 devices, you will not be able to. To replace a device, you need to delete one of the three already added devices and wait 30 days for the slot to become available for a new device.

  • In the Auth logs field, you can review all login sessions: when and from which IP the login was made, the time, and the country and city of origin.

Section Orders:

In this section, you can review all the purchases you have made within the Combine application.

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