Bonus program

Earning opportunities with Combine.

Our application offers a bonus program that allows you to earn up to 15% of the check from the users you refer.

A basic referral code is available to every user. It is located in the Bonus Program section in the Referral code field. This code works as a promo code: when purchasing a module, the buyer enters this promo code in the appropriate field and receives 5% more accounts. For example, if they purchase a module for 100 accounts, they will get an additional 5 accounts, totaling 105 accounts for the price of 100. You, as the referrer, will receive 5% of their purchase amount to your balance.

Referral rewards can be withdrawn directly in USDT or USDC, meaning it’s real money, not coupons or loyalty points. If you have accumulated an amount you wish to withdraw, go to the Withdrawals section and submit a withdrawal request. Withdrawals can take up to 5 business days.

If you are an influencer or can generate high-quality traffic and can prove it in practice, contact our team through technical support. After verifying your capabilities, we will provide you with a unique promo code with a higher percentage of reward from the purchase amount for you and an increased discount for buyers who use your promo code.

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