Adding wallets to whitelist on OKX exchange.

  • Go to the Withdraw section;

  • Select a token, for example, ETH, and keep the selection on On-chain withdrawal;

  • Click on the book icon in the address input field;

  • Hover over the Add Address button and select Add multiple addresses from the dropdown menu;

  • In the Address type field, select EVM Address to be able to withdraw tokens from any EVM networks;

  • Paste the wallet address into the first field;

  • Optionally, you can enter a name for the wallet in the second field;

  • Click Add and add the remaining addresses. You can add up to 20 addresses at a time;

  • Be sure to check the box Save as verified to skip future verification; otherwise, Combine will not be able to withdraw tokens to these wallets, as OKX will require additional verification;

  • Click Save Addresses;

  • Enter the required verification codes and click Confirm.

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