Creating API Key - OKX

Instructions on how to create an API Key on the OKX exchange.

  • On the OKX exchange, go to the API section;

  • Click + Create APIs;

  • In the API name field, enter a name for the API key;

  • In the IP address allowlist field, you can specify your IP address (optional). If you specify your current IP, access to this API key will only be available from this IP. If your IP changes, the key will stop working until you edit it on the exchange and add the new IP address to the allowlist;

  • In the Permissions field, select Withdraw and Trade;

  • In the Passphrase field, enter the API key password. Be sure to write down this password;

  • Click Submit all;

  • Complete the necessary checks and enter the verification codes;

  • After creating the key, in the modal window, click Show info and save the API and Secret key. You can also view the API key details by clicking View in the general list of all API keys;

  • Enter the API key details into Combine.

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