Alpha Search Tool

Be the first to find Alpha projects!

How it works?

This tool will allow you to be the first to find new projects! The Alpha Search Tool works with the full list of everyone you trust and follow on Twitter, providing you with a convenient list of those Twitter users who are followed by your trusted accounts. As you might have noticed, this module features several blocks: 1/2/3/4/5+. These blocks will show you mutual followers of the Twitter accounts from your list.

Some examples:

  • As soon as account “A” from your uploaded followed list follows project “X” on Twitter, you will see this new followed account in block 1 with the date of following.

  • As soon as account “B” from your uploaded followed list follows project “X” as well, you will see these two followings in block 2 in one line, that will show you the date of each follow when you expand the line details.

  • As soon as account “C” from your uploaded followed list also follows project “X”, in block 3 you will see a new line that will indicate that the accounts “A”, “B”, and “C” followed project “X”. If you expand the line details, you will see the follow dates of all 3 new followers.

This way, you will be the first to discover new projects that are followed by the people, funds, or projects you trust!

Notes and comments:

Moreover, we offer you a convenient set of features and tools for working with these newly found projects. After finding and exploring a new Alpha project - you can add it to "favorites", add a description, and comment on it (the time of the comment will always be visible for you to see the date of the last update). All these notes and comments will be synched with the "Calendar". You will be able to create reminders and regularly check updates for each of these newly created projects, so you will never miss new activities for them, as well as important announcements or changes.

The list of all projects you follow can be sorted by your last comment. This way, you will never miss the Alpha projects that you discovered in their early stages. You can always filter this list by the time of your last comment to see the projects that haven’t been updated by you for a long time.


Thus, in addition to the fact that you can find Alpha projects in the row of the first, you can also keep track of all their updates and not miss anything important!

Thanks to the Alpha Search Tool, you will be among the first to discover the best projects!

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