Logs & Progress

Track running sessions and activity on wallets.

In the Logs & Progress section, you can review logs and the history of wallet operations, see where and at what specific time transactions were executed, and familiarize yourself with any errors that occurred. Additionally, this section allows you to find transaction hashes, pause wallets, or resume their operations.

  • After launching a session based on selected parameters in the Setup and Launch section, you will be automatically redirected to the Logs & Progress page. Here, you can view all actions taken by the software for each specific wallet;

  • The All section aggregates logs from all wallets into one place.

  • By clicking on Tx Link (Click) you will be able to see this transaction in explorer.

  • In the Wallets section, you can view logs individually for each wallet by clicking on the Show logs button next to each wallet.

  • In the Sessions section, you can view logs for specific wallets that were launched in a single session. You can switch between sessions using buttons labeled with dates and times. Here, you can also review logs for individual wallets within each session.

  • In the same section, you can adjust the maximum gas price allowed for a specific session, increasing or decreasing the Gwei ceiling as needed.

If you want to pause all sessions, click Stop All. To resume the wallets operations, click Resume All, and the software will continue from where it left off, generating new delays between wallets.

If the Combine application closes during a session or your PC shuts down, the software automatically pauses the wallets with a Terminated status. Upon reopening the application, you can click Resume All, and the software will continue its operations from where it was paused, generating new delays between wallets.

To pause or resume a specific wallet, click Resume or Stop in the respective row of that wallet.

If you click Resume individually on each wallet, the delays will not be preserved. All wallets for which you clicked Resume will start operating at the exact moment you clicked Resume.

  • After successfully completing all actions, in the Status field you will see a green label Success.

  • If you see an Error in the Status field, you can review the logs to identify the reason why the software operation was interrupted. If the error was due to insufficient balance or another issue that you can address, you can resolve it. Afterward, click the Resume button, and the software will continue the session from where the error occurred for that specific wallet.

  • If the Status field shows Stopped, it means that the wallet has been paused. To resume the software's operation from where it was paused, simply click the Resume button.

  • If the Status field shows Terminated, it essentially means the same as Stopped. This status is given to wallets that were forcefully paused due to the complete closure of the Combine application. To resume the software's operation from where it was stopped due to the application closure, click the Resume button.

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