Adding wallets to whitelist on Gate exchange.

  • Go to the Withdraw section;

  • Click Address Book;

  • Hover over the button with three vertical dots and select Add Addresses in Bulk from the dropdown menu;

  • Check the two checkboxes:

    1. If the checkbox “Set as a trusted address...” is enabled, there is no need to undergo additional verification for withdrawal. This checkbox must be enabled;

    2. If the “Set it as a universal address...” checkbox is enabled, you will be able to withdraw any tokens in the network you added to the whitelist. On Gate exchange you can add wallets to whitelist only in one specific network. I.e. if you want to withdraw tokens in both ETH and Optimism networks, for example, you will need to add wallets to the whitelist separately for each network.

  • Click Add new address to add several wallets at once. On the Gate exchange you can add up to 10 wallets at a time;

  • In the Coin field select a token, and in the Chain field select an output network;

  • Enter the address of the wallet in the Address field;

  • Enter the name of the wallet in the Address Description field, but this is optional;

  • Click Submit and enter the required verification codes.

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