Refuel mode

Setting up and running wallets to refuel with native tokens from different networks.

Refuel Mode is needed to refuel your wallets with native tokens in the networks you want to activate. This mode operates based on L2Pass, so all current transaction fees correspond to the fees in the L2Pass protocol itself;

L2Pass supports refueling in the following networks: Moonriver, Moonbeam, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB, Fantom, Mantle, Kava, Linea, Base, CoreDAO, Arbitrum Nova, Gnosis, Scroll, Celo, Fuse, Klaytn, Aurora, opBNB, Canto, Harmony, OKX Chain, and Polygon zkEVM;

The settings and network selection for session launches are very user-friendly. You can always visit the official L2Passwebsite to see the available networks for refueling and their fees.

Setting up and starting a session:

  • In the Mode section, select Refuel Mode;

  • In the Run mode section, choose the order in which the wallets will be launched:

    1. Parallel - parallel operation (multithreading) with or without proxies;

    2. One-by-one - wallets will be launched one after another with or without proxies;

    3. One-by-one (mobile proxy) - wallets will be launched one after another using mobile proxies. Mobile proxies must be added in the Settings -> Proxies section and linked to accounts in Account Manager.

  • To use a preset configuration, click on the selection field in the Select preset section and choose the desired preset;

  • To launch a pre-prepared group of wallets, select it in the Select Accounts group to launch section;

  • In the Account Delays field, set the delays between wallets;

  • In the Chain from and to field, select the networks: from which and to which the tokens will be sent.

  • Click Update Balance to get information about the current balances;

  • In the Select wallets to launch section, choose the wallets you want to use;

  • In the Amount field, there are two options for automatically filling in the sending amounts:

    1. Send range allows setting the sending amount within a range;

    2. Leave range allows keeping a specified range on the wallets and sending only what exceeds that range;

  • Enter the required amount range in the Min ETH and Max ETH fields and click Apply to selected wallets. The number of tokens corresponding to Merkly's limits will automatically appear in these fields. These limits vary depending on the specific network and current Gwei;

  • The amount that will be applied to the wallet can be seen in the Amount to bridge field, and this amount can be manually adjusted in the same field;

  • If you want the wallets to start working in random order, leave the Randomize wallets checkbox checked;

  • To start the session, click Launch.

  • Your wallets have been launched. You can track the process of work of your wallets in the section Logs & Progress.

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