Refuel Mode

Refueling with native tokens of different networks through Refuel Mode.

Refuel Mode is used to refill your wallets with native tokens in the networks you want to activate. This mode operates based on Merkly, so all transaction fees correspond to those in the Merkly protocol itself.

Please note that this mode does not operate through Hyperlane. By using it, you do not execute transactions in Hyperlane; instead, you simply replenish wallets with the necessary tokens for gas fees.

  • In the Mode section, choose Bridge Mode;

  • In the Run mode section, choose the order in which wallets will be launched: - Parallel: wallets will be launched concurrently (multi-threaded) with or without proxies; - One-by-one: wallets will be launched one after the other with or without proxies; - One-by-one (mobile proxy): wallets will be launched one after the other using mobile proxies. Mobile proxies must be added in the Settings -> Proxies section and linked to accounts in the Account Manager beforehand.

  • To use a ready-made preset for software settings, click on the selection field in the Select preset section and choose the desired preset;

  • To launch a pre-prepared group of wallets, select the appropriate one in the Select Accounts group to launch section;

  • In the Account Delays field, set the delays between wallets;

  • In the Chain from and to field, select the networks from which to which the tokens will be sent;

  • Click Update Balance to obtain information about the current balances.

  • In the Select wallets to launch section, choose the wallets you want to activate;

  • In the Amount field, there are two options for automatic amount filling:

    1. Send range allows you to set the token sending amount within a range.

    2. Leave range enables you to maintain a required range on the wallets while sending only amounts exceeding this range.

  • Enter the desired range of amount in the Min ETH and Max ETH fields, then click Apply to selected wallets. Automatically, the amount of tokens corresponding to the Merkly limits for the selected network and current Gwei will be displayed in these fields;

  • You can see the amount that will be applied to the wallet in the Amount to bridge field, and you can also manually adjust the amount in this field;

  • If you want the wallets to be activated in a random order, leave the Randomize wallets checkbox enabled;

  • To start the session, click Launch.

  • Your wallets are now in operation. You can track the progress of their work in the Logs & Progress section.

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