Grouping wallets

How to group wallets and why.

In Combine, you can create a general group for all your accounts, as well as subgroups for your wallets. Let's say you want to work with the ZKsync module and you have 100 accounts. By creating a "zkSync" folder in the "Accounts" section, you can add all your 100 accounts there, and by creating additional groups "1", "2", "3", etc. in the EVM wallets section, you can split these 100 accounts into subgroups of (for example) 20 wallets each, to make it easier for you to run them in subgroups in the app.

Groups creating

Now let's take a look at how to create groups:

  • Create a group by clicking on the "+" icon.

  • Enter a group name.

  • Click Add Group.

  • To move wallets to the group, mark the desired wallets.

  • Click Move to Group.

  • Select the desired group

  • Click Move accounts to this group.

  • After that, you will be able to see which group a wallet belongs to in the Wallet Manager itself in the Groups column. You can add your wallets to several groups at once, if necessary. You can also create subgroups in the "EVM wallets" and "Starknet wallets" tabs.

  • After adding the same wallets to other groups, you'll be able to see it in the same column and you can immediately see in which projects this wallet is used.

  • By clicking on the ellipsis icon in the folder (1) you can rename the group (2) or delete the group (3).

  • To sort accounts, click on these arrows.

  • To find the desired account in the general list, click on the search icon.

  • Enter the account name and click Search.

Wallet cluster generator

Generating clusters allows you to randomly distribute wallets into different groups that can be used for different objectives. For example, you can generate 5 groups, which include different wallets, in which you want to achieve different numbers of transactions, contract interactions, volumes, etc. These clusters can be passed to modules directly for you to select them with one mouse click and launch them.

  • To begin generating clusters, click "Clusters Generator".

  • Enter the amount of groups generated into the "Split into" section.

  • To distribute wallets equally into all generated groups, check the "Equally in all groups" checkbox.

  • Click "Generate Clusters".

  • You will see lists of wallets to be added into clusters (groups). Click "Reshuffle clusters" to reroll the wallet distribution.

  • To save your generated clusters, click "Save".

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