Adding Solana wallets

How to create or add Solana wallets in Combine.

Solana Wallet Generation:

  • Switch to the Solana Wallets tab;

  • Click Generate Wallets;

  • Select the desired number of wallets;

  • Click Add To Wallets Manager;

  • The required number of wallets will automatically be added to your list of addresses.

Solana Wallets Import:

  • Click the Import button;

  • You have the option to upload either a single private key or seed phrase, or a group of them. To upload a single key, stay in the Single Import section;

  • Enter the private key or seed phrase. If the key is incorrect, the field's border will be highlighted in red;

  • Click Add Wallet.

  • If you want to upload multiple wallets at once, switch to the Batch Import tab;

  • In the Import type field, select what you want to import: seed phrases or private keys;

  • Click Upload;

  • Select the required table or file on your computer in CSV or TXT formats.

Solana Wallets Export:

  • To export data from Solana wallets, click the Export button;

  • Select the format for the data export: CSV table or JSON file;

  • Enter the file name or leave the default name;

  • Select the data to be exported to the table or file;

  • Click Export data, and the file with the required data will be saved to your computer.

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