Scroll module

Instructions on how to set up and use the Scroll module.

Scroll is an EVM-compatible blockchain built on zk-Rollup technology. The project was developed in close collaboration with the Privacy and Scaling Explorations (PSE) team at the Ethereum Foundation, addressing Ethereum's scalability and high fee issues.

You can explore the technical aspects of the project on their official website and read their articles on Mirror if you are interested in the project's strategic goals and development stages.

The project has raised $80 million from Polychain Capital, Bain Capital Crypto, Robot Ventures, Geometry DAO, and other funds. It is also noteworthy that Polychain Capital acts as the lead investor, which is a significant advantage as this fund often invests in projects that release tokens through airdrops.

The Scroll module includes all the necessary functionality to enable automatic wallet activities in the Scroll network.

Detailed guides on working with the Scroll module:

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