Payment for modules

Information about module purchases in the Combine internal store, discounts and promo codes.

Each module is a one-time purchase and remains with you forever. All future updates and improvements to the module are included in the price, meaning you pay for the module once and can use it as many times as you want, for as long as you want, until the project distributes the airdrop or ceases to exist.

The price of the modules is determined by the number of accounts you want to purchase. The more accounts you buy at once, the better the price.

It's important to understand that you are purchasing automation, not a guaranteed account that will receive an airdrop. We provide software that automates all the main tasks for obtaining an airdrop (bridges, NFT mints, swaps, adding/removing liquidity to/from pools, contract creation, etc.), but only you decide what your account will look like in the end. You are fully responsible for setting up and running the software, so whether your wallet receives an airdrop depends solely on your actions.

Favorable purchases and discounts:

The Modules Shop operates on a cart system. You can make one-time purchases of modules for different projects and benefit from discounts when buying two or more modules at once. Let's take the example of purchasing modules for 50 accounts:

  • If you want to purchase one module for 50 accounts, you will pay the base price of $225;

  • When making a one-time purchase of 2 modules for 50 accounts, you will receive a 5% discount on the entire order, bringing the price to $427 (instead of $450);

  • When making a one-time purchase of 3 modules for 50 accounts, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire order, bringing the price to $607 (instead of $675);

  • When making a one-time purchase of 4 or more modules for 50 accounts, you will receive a 15% discount on the entire order, bringing the price to $765 (instead of $900). This is currently the maximum possible discount for purchasing new modules.

If you purchase 100/200/500 accounts, the percentage discount remains and applies to the entire order.


When making purchases, you have the option to apply promo codes. There are two types of promo codes available:

  • Promo Codes for Additional Accounts: These promo codes give you +5% to the number of accounts you purchase. You can use another user's promo code to get +5% accounts when buying a module. Every user has such promo codes available in the Bonus Program section. You cannot apply your own promo code to your purchases, but you can share it with other users and earn 5% from their paid purchases.

  • Promo Codes for Discounts: These promo codes provide a discount on the entire order, ranging from 5% to 10%. These promo codes are distributed by our partners in various activities for their communities.

Apply the promo code in the cart after you have added all the modules you plan to purchase.

Payment for modules:

  • Go to the Modules shop section;

  • Click on the module card you plan to purchase by pressing the Show more button;

  • In the module card, you can review the prices for accounts. In the Interactions section, you can see which protocols and bridges the module interacts with, and in the Description section, you can read the full description of the module and its features;

  • To add the desired number of accounts to your cart, click Add to Cart;

  • Go to your cart and review the details of your order, including the discount amount and the final payment amount;

  • Click Pay Now to proceed to payment. You will be redirected to an open payment order on the Cryptomus service;

  • Select the currency and network for the payment;

  • Click Pay;

  • Complete the payment using the provided details (the payment wallet is generated individually for each user). Be very careful with the payment; if you pay with the wrong token or in the wrong network, you will irreversibly lose your funds, and the payment will not be counted;

  • After Cryptomus transmits the payment information to Combine, you will see the purchased modules in the Your modules section;

  • Click the Start Hunting button to immediately start using the module and launch the wallets into operation.

Additional purchase of accounts within the same module:

If after purchasing a module you decide to increase the number of wallets in it, go to the already purchased module in the Modules shop section. There, you can buy any additional number of accounts with a 20% discount.

  • You can see the final payment amount and the discount in the cart.

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