Keeping track of the projects in one place? EASY!

How it works?

"Aggregator" — is one of our main modules, that allows creating a card for any crypto project you follow in just a few clicks. You can also set up parsing of any data from a Discord channels and a Twitter accounts to Dune analytics, any graphs, as well as any information from OpenSea and Magic Eden using project cards.

To start using NFD Aggregator, just connect your Twitter account and add your Discord token. The guide on obtaining the Discord token can also be found on your platform.

The dashboard blocks are highly informative and customizable, so you can always place them in a way that’s convenient for you, and then you can save this block arrangement as a preset that can be later used for creating other project cards.

The project cards in "NFD Aggregator" by themselves is also informative, so you can replace “No Data” blocks with a short summary of a project:


"NFD Aggregator" allows you to create cards for all projects you follow and get updates for them in one place. Now you don’t need to scroll through thousands of chats, endless Twitter feed, or drown in useless graphs. Now you can get all essential information in one place with no information noise.

New parsing blocks will be added regularly after collecting community feedback.

P.S. Soon, we will introduce the “Summary” module as part of the aggregator that will parse all information from all your cards proportionally to blocks. For example, you have 20 project cards, with parsing set up from 25 discord channels - in “Summary” this information will be represented as one block that will receive information from those 25 channels in one block with a possibility of switching between projects. The same logic will be applied to other blocks.

NFD aggregator — all information for all your projects in one place.

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