Adding API Key from exchanges

What is an API key and how to work with exchanges inside Combine using this key.

An API Key is a gateway that allows you to manage your exchange accounts remotely without interacting directly with the exchange interface. With this key, you can send requests to the exchange to withdraw tokens, manage sub-accounts, and much more.

To interact with exchange accounts from the Combine application, you need to import this API Key into it. This will enable you to launch sessions for withdrawing tokens from exchange accounts in the desired networks with pre-set delays between withdrawals to different wallets, as well as interact with OKX sub-accounts to transfer tokens from sub-accounts to the main account.

Adding API Keys:

  • First of all, API Keys need to be created on the exchange. Instructions for creating keys: OKX, Binance, ByBit, BitGet and Gate;

  • After creating the API key with all necessary permissions, go to Combine -> Setting -> API Key;

  • In the Choose exchange section, select the exchange for which you are importing the key;

  • Click Add API Key;

  • In the Your API Name field, enter the name for the API key, which will be displayed in Combine;

  • Enter the Key, Secret, and Password (where required) from your API Key;

  • Click Check key, and if the key is created correctly, you will see a pop-up window with a green checkmark and confirmation that the key is valid;

  • Click Add API Key, and your key will be added to Combine.

Editing added API Key:

  • To view information about an added API key, click the (i) icon;

  • To edit the name of an added API key, click the pencil icon and make the necessary changes;

  • To delete an API key, click the trash can icon.

Possible causes Invalid API Key:

If you created the key correctly, granted all permissions, and your IP address matches the one you entered when creating the key, but you receive an Invalid API Key error when adding it to Combine, check the following reasons:

  • IP Address Match: Ensure the IP address added to the whitelist (WL) when creating the key matches the IP address you're using to add the key to Combine. If these addresses differ, you won't be able to add the key. Additionally, your key will stop working after adding it if the IP address changes. This is the most common issue, so double-check this point.

  • Time Synchronization: Disabled time synchronization on your computer is another frequent cause of non-working keys.

  • Firewall and Antivirus Settings: Check your firewall and antivirus settings, as they may block any requests from your computer to exchange servers and responses from exchange servers.

  • Geographical Restrictions: Some exchanges, like OKX, ban certain countries. If you're trying to access the exchange from a blocked location, your key won't work. Always use a VPN when adding or using an API key within Combine. Note the first point: enabling a VPN changes your IP address, and the key will stop working for the reason described in the first point. In this case, add the VPN's IP address to the WL or create a key without adding an IP to the WL if possible.

  • ISP Blocking: Sometimes, your home internet provider may block traffic to the exchange. If this is the case, use a different provider or share the internet from a mobile device.

  • Other Software Interference: Check for any other software installed on your PC that might block Combine's operation or the specific requests made to the exchanges.

Please note that issues with API keys are strictly local. There is no need to look for the cause in a malfunctioning Combine; this will save you time and help you find and resolve the issue with non-working API keys on your PC more quickly. If none of the above solutions help, contact Combine technical support.

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