Your Web3 calendar which will not allow you to miss any event.

How is it different from the ordinary calendar?

This is your full-feature Web3 calendar, based on everything that happens in Calendar automatically synchronizes dates and deadlines of the activities you are participating in. It’s also a module where you can add any tasks and reminders from Tasker and put announcements and alerts on them.

  • You can also add your token unlocks and set up notifications to not miss any token unlock. Moreover, if you link your wallet to your account, here you will be able to see all your transactions for any given day.

  • You can also synchronize all reminders that you can make for all notes and comments on early-stage projects that could be found with the “Alpha Search Tool":


This way, you will never miss another crypto project event with conveniently designed reminders and deadlines for any day thanks to the "Calendar" in

Now working with crypto has become a lot easier.

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