Section Actions

Editing account information and deleting accounts.

The first button (i) will redirect you to Debank if you have an EVM wallet added. If you have a Starknet wallet added, Starkscan will open in your browser. If both wallets are added, both will open, and you will be able to see all the information for that wallet.

  • To change the account name, click the Rename button;

  • Enter the new name and save it by clicking Rename account.

  • To delete an account, click on the trash can icon and confirm the deletion.

  • If you want to delete multiple accounts at once, select the desired accounts using the checkboxes;

  • Click Delete accounts and confirm the deletion.

Please note that if you delete accounts or wallets that have already been added to modules, they will also be removed from the modules. You can add them back to the module, but if you have already exhausted the wallet addition limit on your purchased plan, you will only be able to add wallets that were previously added to the module. The software will not allow adding other wallets.

Each plan has a limited number of wallet replacements. You can check the current number of available replacements within each module in the "Remaining attempts to change the wallet" field.

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