Creating API Key - Gate

Instructions on how to create an API Key on the Gate exchange.

  • Go to the API Management section;

  • Click Create API Key;

  • In the API Key Remark field, enter a name for the API key;

  • In the IP Permissions field, select Bind IP and enter your IP address. If your IP address changes, the API key will stop working. If you check the Later checkbox and do not specify an IP address, the key will automatically stop working after 90 days;

  • Leave the API Key Type and Account Type fields as default;

  • In the Permissions field, check the boxes for Spot Trade, Custody, Withdraw, Commission Details, Account, Loan, and Copy;

  • Click Submit;

  • In the pop-up window, check all the boxes to agree to the terms of use;

  • Enter the requested security codes and click Confirm;

  • Copy the Key and Secret values and add them to Combine.

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