Account creation

How to create accounts and add wallets to them.

In this section we will consider:

  • How to create a new account and assign wallets and proxies to it manually?

  • How to assign proxies and wallets to accounts via a template?

Create an account and assign proxies and wallets to it manually:

  • Create an account by clicking Add Account.

  • The account is configured and ready.

How to auto-attach proxies and wallets to accounts:

If you want to automatically link proxies, EVM wallets, and Starknet wallets to your accounts, you can use the Attach button.

It takes a list of accounts sorted by name and for each account, it looks at proxies, EVM wallets, and Starknet wallets, also sorted by name. If the account doesn't have a proxy, EVM, or Starknet wallet attached, one is taken from the respective list and automatically attached to the account. In essence, Auto attach works resemble Tetris, we fill ONLY empty spots in order while we have something to fill them with.

Before using this button, you need to upload a proxy via Settings -> Proxies, an EVM wallet via Adding EVM wallets, and a Starknet wallet via Adding Starknet wallets. You may batch upload proxies and wallets, make sure to name them correctly (e.g. Proxy 1 / EVM wallet 1 / Starknet wallet 1, etc.). If all your proxies and wallets have a sensible naming scheme, they will very quickly get attached to accounts.

If you're sure that this is something you want, click the button, otherwise, you should close this window.

Attaching wallets and proxies to accounts with a template:

  • If you don't have your accounts created yet, generate the required number of accounts first. To do this, click "Add Acсount".

  • Select or enter the number of accounts to be generated.

  • Enter the name of the account.

  • Click "Add Account".

  • Once the accounts are created, you need to download the template. To do this, click "Download Template" and download a template for your accounts. Fill in the fields in the template with wallet addresses and proxy information, which you can download through Settings -> Proxies -> Export proxies.

  • Once the template is filled in, click "Upload Template" and select the template. If all the info is filled in correctly, the wallets will be attached to the required accounts automatically. Note, for this process to work, you need to have proxies (if you use proxies) and EVM and/or Starknet wallets added in their respective sections.

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