Zora module

Instructions on how to set up and use the Zora module.

Zora is a Layer-2 network based on Optimism, specifically created for working with NFTs. The project started as a regular marketplace, but as it developed, they began creating a closed ecosystem for NFT operations, which includes their blockchain.

The project attracted $60 million in investments with Paradigm and Coinbase as the main investors. They also have a confirmed token (as mentioned in section 5.6 of their Terms of Service) and in this interview with the CEO of Zora.

The project's earnings are generated through minting fees for NFTs. The fee is 0.000777 ETH per minted NFT. This fee is mandatory and is incorporated into the contract when creating NFTs through the Zora Creator Toolkit on their marketplace. If an NFT is created in their network using an external service with a standard contract, this fee can be avoided. A prime example is the minting of NFTs created through mint.fun, which they recently acquired and is now part of their ecosystem.

The Zora module includes all the necessary functionality to enable you to perform activities on wallets in the Zora network automatically.

Detailed guides on how to work with the Zora module:

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