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Adding deposit addresses to each wallet and withdrawing tokens to them.

If you need to collect tokens from multiple wallets, the Deposit function will help you solve this task.

It's important to remember that you should never collect funds from all wallets to the same address. If you collect tokens to a single address, you will link your wallets, and with a high probability, your wallets will be clustered, labeled as "sybil," and excluded from all future airdrops.

Therefore, when collecting tokens, you need to keep this in mind and look for exchanges and options that allow you to generate many different deposit addresses within a single exchange account. Many exchanges offer such functionality. For example, on OKX, you can create 3 sub-accounts with 20 addresses each, and on BitGet, you can create 20 sub-accounts with 50 addresses each.

You can decide which option available on the market suits you best, create these addresses, and import them into Combine, assigning each wallet added to Combine its own personal deposit address.

You can link any addresses to your wallets and make direct transfers even to other wallets - Combine does not track where you send your funds. Also, Combine does not check the correctness of the entered address or whether the receiving party supports deposits in the network you are sending tokens through. Therefore, use this function with particular caution, as any mistake could result in the irreversible loss of your tokens.

Adding Deposit Addresses:

  • At the top of the Deposit section, in the Choose chain field, select the token you plan to withdraw to display the addresses of wallets added to Combine;

  • To send a native token, such as ETH, check the Transfer native token checkbox;

  • In the Address field, the addresses of your wallets added to Combine are displayed;

  • In the Name field, the names of these wallets are shown;

  • The deposit address of the wallet is inserted into the Deposit Address field opposite each wallet added to Combine;

  • To add a deposit address, click Click to add address;

  • In the pop-up window, enter the deposit address in the first field, enter the name of this deposit address in the second field, and click Save.

  • To remove a deposit address, click on the desired address and confirm the removal by clicking Remove Address in the pop-up window.

  • You can also add deposit addresses via Template. For detailed instructions on how to do this correctly, please refer to the Creating Accounts section.

Withdrawing tokens to deposit addresses:

  • In the Choose chain field, select the network for the withdrawal;

  • In the Choose Token to withdraw field, select the desired token from the list or search for it using the search bar;

  • If the token is not listed, find it by the contract address using the Input contract address field and manually enter the contract;

  • In the Settings and Amount section, select All to send all tokens available in the wallets or Leave range to set a range that will remain in the wallet balance;

  • If you selected Leave range, enter the desired range in the Min - Max fields;

  • Select the wallets from which to send the tokens, and click Apply to selected wallets to apply a random value from the specified range in the Min - Max fields;

  • The amount of tokens to be withdrawn will be displayed in the Amount to deposit field next to each wallet. You can manually edit this amount;

  • Click Deposit to subaccs. In the pop-up window, enter the delay between withdrawals to different wallets in the Min delay secs and Max delay secs fields;

  • Double-check the correctness of the entered data and confirm the withdrawal by clicking Confirm Transfers.

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