Hyperlane module

Instructions for setting up and using the Hyperlane module.

Hyperlane is a platform based on the mechanism of “permissionless interoperability”. Simply put, Hyperlane technology allows developers to create cross-chain applications that can interact between blockchains and serve users regardless of which blockchain they are on.

More details about the protocol's operating principles can be found in their documentation.

Hyperlane raised $18.5 million in a seed round from funds such as Variant (Lead Investor), Circle, CoinFund, Kraken Ventures, and others.

At this stage, competition in the network is very low, and it is not too late to start getting involved. The project has recently launched on the mainnet, and before the token launch, they still need to build the ecosystem and test all the functionality.

The Hyperlane module includes all the necessary functionality that allows you to perform activities on wallets automatically within the Hyperlane network.

Detailed guides on how to work with the Hyperlane module:

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