Adding wallets to whitelist on Binance exchange.

  • Go to the Settings -> Withdrawal section and enable the One-step Withdrawal option to allow token withdrawals without additional verification.

  • Go to the Withdraw section;

  • Click on the book icon in the address input field;

  • In the pop-up window, click on the edit icon;

  • Hover over the Add button and select Add Multiple Addresses from the dropdown menu;

  • Click the +Add button to add additional fields for address input;

  • In the Address label field, enter the wallet name;

  • In the Coin field, select Universal address;

  • In the Address field, enter the wallet addresses;

  • In the Network field, select the withdrawal network. On Binance, you can add wallets to the whitelist for only one specific network. If you want to withdraw tokens in both the ETH network and, for example, the Optimism network, you will need to add wallets to the whitelist separately for each network;

  • Click Save and enter the required verification codes.

  • In the resulting list, select the wallets that need to be added to the whitelist;

  • Click Add to Whitelist;

  • In the pop-up window, enter the required verification codes.

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