Linea module

Instructions on how to set up and use the Linea module.

Linea is a Layer-2 network based on Ethereum that operates as an Ethereum Virtual Machine with zero-knowledge proofs (zkEVM). zkEVM replicates the Ethereum environment as a rollup and allows developers to build on it as if they were working on Ethereum L1.

Linea enables the deployment of any smart contracts using any tools and developing as if you are creating on Ethereum. Network users receive the security guarantees of Ethereum but with faster transactions and lower fees.

The ConsenSys team believes that with networks like Ethereum, humanity can achieve greater things. Their team will manage Linea as they do with other public goods, striving for full decentralization and a commitment to open development.

Linea is ConsenSys' proprietary Layer-2 network, with $725 million in investments from tier-1 cryptocurrency funds and web2 giants such as Microsoft, SoftBank, Temasek, and others.

The Linea module includes all the necessary functionality to enable you to perform activities on wallets in the Linea network automatically.

Detailed guides on how to work with the Linea module:

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