Bybit - adding wallets to the whitelist

How to add wallets to the whitelist on Bybit exchange?

  • On the OKX exchange find the withdrawal section and click on "Withdraw".

  • Select the token that we initially want to add to the whitelist.

  • Click "Add".

  • To withdraw tokens through the API you will need to add every address on every network to the whitelist.

  • 1 - Activate the checkbox.

  • 2 - Click "Add".

  • Select a token.

  • Paste your wallet address.

  • Select a network.

  • Enter the name of the wallet.

  • IMPORTANT: Enable the "No verification needed for this address next time" checkbox to withdraw tokens without confirmation.

  • Click "Confirm".

  • Getting and entering codes.

  • Click "Submit".

  • Next, add all the wallets we need in each network in order.

  • Done. Now your wallets are added to the whitelist on the Bybit exchange and you can withdraw tokens to them in the added networks using the "Withdraw" function in Combine.

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