Scroll / software module

This module will help you make your accounts eligible for a possible Scroll retrodrop.

You can find a full description of how the module works on the "Modules shop" page and in the "Scroll" -> "Show more" tab.

In order to purchase the Scroll module, just select the number of wallets that you want to use the module with and make the payment. Immediately after, the module will become available to you in the "Your modules" tab, where you can already add your wallets and start working.

Features of the Scroll module

• the ability to make a UI touch and leave an off-chain trail, in addition to on-chain transactions;

• support for 19 different protocols and more than 50 different script blocks, consisting of 2-8 transactions each (including swaps / liquidity / NFT mints / NFT bridging / domain mints / etc.);

• deployment of contracts and minting any custom nfts with nfts2me, as well as minting and bridging nfts with merkly; bridge and their "free" campaign;

• support for both IPV4 and mobile proxies;

• the ability to run it both multithreaded (which is very important) and in sequence (one wallet after another);

• several modes of operation, including doing the required range of the number of transactions on each of the wallets with a unique scenario for achieving the requisite number of transactions;

• full customization and randomization of any actions (from gas settings / wallet delays / actions /% of ether in work to settings for limited / unlimited approvals);

• an extremely convenient app UI and a detailed console (both for the entire app and per wallet);

• the ability to continue keeping selected wallets in operation, should one of them throw an error.

What does the software support

Bridges: the official Scroll bridge, bridge, bridge Orbiter, bridge Owlto.

Protocols: Syncswap (swaps+liquidity), Skydrome (swaps+liquidity), Izumi (swaps+liquidity), LayerBank (deposits+withdrawals), KyberSwap (swaps+liquidity), Punkswap (swaps+liquidity), SpaceFI (swaps+liquidity), LuigiSwap (swaps+liquidity), Cog (deposits+withdrawals), Wombat (swaps), Scroll Name Service (domain minting), Nfts2me (minting any NFTs), Merkly (minting NFTs + bridging), DMAIL (sending emails + domain minting).

Security: the module is developed by the NFD team, all private keys are encrypted, the app is protected, and all requests are protected. All information is stored locally.

Main sections of the guide to the Scroll module

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