Logs & Progress

Where to read the module's logs and stop and resume its operation?

Logs & Progress section lets you track the logs of all your running sessions on your wallets. This section will give you a detailed understanding of what is currently happening in the module, which wallets are working, and which transactions are being made.

  • Once you have launched a session using the parameters you set up in the Settings & Launch section, you will be automatically redirected to the "Logs & Progress" page, where you can see all actions performed, and being performed, on a given wallet by the module.

  • The "All" section aggregates all wallet logs in one place.

  • You can look at individual transactions on Starkscan by clicking "Tx Link (Click)"

  • You can read logs for individual wallets in the "Wallets" section by clicking on the "Show logs" button next to the selected wallet.

  • You can read logs for individual wallets launched in one session in the "Sessions" section. You can switch between sessions using the date/time buttons.

You can pause the module by clicking "STOP", but after that, if you click "RESUME", the module will continue working from where it left off.

If during the session the Combine application closes (if you lose your Internet connection / the lights go out or an error occurs), then the module will automatically pause and once you reopen the application, you can click "RESUME" and the module will continue working from the place where the application was closed.

  • 1 - You can stop or resume the operation of individual wallets in a session by clicking "RESUME" or "STOP" next to it.

  • 2 - Or you can stop or resume the entire session (with all the wallets participating in it) by clicking "STOP ALL" or "RESUME ALL" respectively.

  • Once all actions have been done successfully, you will see the word "Success" in green in the "Status" field.

  • If you see "Error" in the Status field, then you can look at the logs to find out the reason why the work was interrupted. And, if this error was due to insufficient balance or another reason that allows you to make adjustments to correct the error, you can fix the cause of the error, then click the "RESUME" button and the module will continue the session from the place where the error was received for this wallet.

  • Now you can view detailed logs on the whole work of the software, and in particular on your sessions and individual wallets.

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