Preset blocks mode

How to mint added presets with Preset blocks mode.

This mode lets you interact with the preset contracts of various NFT collections on Zora added to the module. At the moment, 15+ collections and 3+ paid collections have been added, the list will be updated periodically.

  • Select the Preset blocks mode.

  • Select wallets to be used in this session.

  • Click "Select" and select NFTs you want to interact with for doing all the required transactions for the session. To select all NFTs, click "Select All".

  • To use a preset, click on the field of the "Select preset" section and select a preset.

  • To display all presets, as well as delete presets, click on a gear icon.

  • To delete a preset, click on the bin icon next to it.

  • The delays between actions are set in the "Delays" section. The "Wallet" setting configures delays between launching wallets, the "Mint" setting configures delays between mints.

  • The Max gas price section configures the gas threshold on Ethereum, under which transactions will be done. The software will wait for the gas price to fall under the set threshold and then start doing transactions.

  • The Mint count range configures the amount of transactions for a wallet for this session.

  • If you want to randomize the order by which wallets are launched, check the "Randomize wallets" checkbox.

  • To lower the transaction processing fees, check the "Dump gas" checkbox.

  • Check the "Allow duplicate minting of the same NFT on the same wallet" checkbox to let the script mint the same NFTs on the same wallets to reach the amount of transactions you specified in the "Mint count range" section. If it's off, the module will not duplicate NFT mints on wallets.

  • To save delay settings for use in other sessions, click "Save this as preset".

  • Enter the name for the preset.

  • Click "Save".

  • To start a session, click "Launch".

  • Done. Now you can read logs for this launch in the "Logs & Progress" section.

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