We're searching for you the best crypto activities for you to make a profit on.

What is "Activities" and how it works?

The Activities module will allow you to keep track of the most important and profitable events and happenings in crypto, and our team will help you stay in touch with all their updates, changes, and additions.
Here you will find different activities: from NFT sales and raffles to available retrodrops/airdrops and public sales. The activities themselves appear on the dashboards as cards, on the face of which you will find information on the required resources for participation and our risk/reward assessment.
Activities in
Click “Show review” to reveal full information with an activity description and our assessment. In the same module you can find our step-by-step guide that will help you in participation and the auto-updates feed that will be filled by our team. You will have access to those updates in your profile in the separate “Feed” tab. Now you will never miss important updates on your crypto activities!
Auto-update Feed in every activity.
If an activity has important dates or deadlines, you will see them in the “Timeline” menu. It’s the same place where you can add these dates in your personal "Calendar" in with just two clicks and not miss this activity:
Timeline in NFD "Activities"

What is the purpose of the "Activities" module?

The purpose of the “Activities” module is to allow those who can only spend a couple of hours a day on crypto to participate in the best events and use them to make money! And the NFD’s set of features will allow you to synchronize these events with your "Calendar" and not miss updates for them thanks to the "Auto-updates feed".
Have fun and profit participating in Activities!