Settings & Launch

How to configure your wallets for Snapshot voting and launch the software.

Settings & Launch is the main and most important tab for the Snapshot section. It allows you to choose the mode you need, select wallets, configure this mode, and launch the app.

Run modes

In the Run mode section, you can select the order in which your wallets will be launched. There are three options:

  • Parallel is your wallets launching operation in parallel (multithread), with or without IPv4 proxies;

  • One-by-one is your wallets launching operation sequentially, one after another, with or without IPv4 proxies;

  • One-by-one (mobile proxy) is your wallets launching operation sequentially using SPECIFICALLY mobile proxies. The proxies have to be added through Settings -> Proxies beforehand.

Selecting wallets to launch

  • In the "Select wallets to launch" section, select the wallets that you want to use in voting.

  • To launch a preset group of wallets, just select it in the “Select Accounts group to launch” section. The grouping of wallets itself occurs in the Account manager -> Grouping wallets section.

  • Click "Add or Edit Votings".

  • In the “Add Custom Voting” field of the appearing window, insert a link to a vote from the Snapshot website.

  • In the “Cast your vote” section, select what option you want to vote for. You can choose multiple options and the app will randomly vote for different options on different wallets.

  • Click "Add Voting".

  • You can see the final list of votes and voting options that will be used when launching the app by clicking on the "Voting List" button.

  • To go back to vote settings, click on the edit icon.

  • To delete a vote, click on the bin icon.

  • To completely clear the vote list, click "Delete All".

  • The delays between actions are set in the Delays section. The Wallet setting configures delays between launching wallets.

  • The Vote section configures delays between votes on one wallet. This section matters if you participate in more than one vote per session.

  • If you want to randomize the order in which your wallets launch, check the "Randomize wallets?" checkbox.

  • Click "Launch" to start the session.

  • Done. Now you can read logs for this launch in the Logs & Progress section.

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