"OKX Subaccs" - transfers from OKX subaccounts to the main account

How to transfer tokens from OKX subaccounts to the main account and continue withdrawing to new wallets?

Unfortunately, OKX doesn't support withdrawing tokens from subaccounts directly, only from the main account, so here we'll show you how to transfer your tokens from your subaccounts to your main account within the Combine App. Once you've gathered whatever tokens you need onto your OKX subaccounts (Deposits to OKX subaccounts), you'll need to transfer these tokens to your main OKX account to be able to withdraw them to new wallets.

The instruction:

  • Go to the "OKX Subaccs" tab.

  • Choose an API key from an OKX account.

  • The "Master Key Funding Balances" section tracks the balance of your main account.

  • The "Sub-Accs Total Balances" section tracks the balances of your subaccounts.

  • To refresh the data, click on the "refresh" icon.

  • Click "Select" next to the asset you want to interact with.

  • Click "Transfer to main" to transfer tokens from a specific subaccount to the main account.

  • To withdraw all tokens from all your subaccounts, click "Transfer ALL to Main".

  • Done. Now you can keep withdrawing tokens from OKX to new wallets or send them to a different exchange (e.g. Binance/Bybit) and distribute from them (Withdrawals from exchanges).

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