"Withdraw" - withdrawals from exchanges

How to withdraw tokens from exchanges using the Withdraw feature in Combine?

To withdraw your tokens from an exchange, you need to add an API token of that exchange first. You can find out more about how to do that here: >> Customizing and adding your RPCs. <<

The instruction on how to withdraw tokens from exchanges to your crypto wallets:

  • Select the exchange you want to withdraw tokens from in the Exchange and API key section.

  • Select the API key of the account from which you're withdrawing tokens.

  • In the "Chain and Token" section, select a token from the available balance on the exchange.

  • Select the network where you want to withdraw.

  • In the "Settings and Amount" section, you get two ways of withdrawing assets:

  • Exact value, which is a withdrawal of a specified amount of tokens to selected wallets.

  • Random in range, which is a withdrawal in a specified range to selected wallets.

  • You may also set a withdrawal amount for each wallet individually. Just enter it in the "Withdraw Amount" field next to a wallet.

  • 1 - Next, select which wallets you wish to withdraw to.

  • 2 - Click "Apply to selected wallets" and the settings you configured will be applied to selected wallets.

  • You can find the total sum withdrawn from the exchange, including fees, in the "Total Expenses" field

  • 3 - Click "Withdraw to wallets".

  • The fields "Min delay secs" and "Max delay secs" specify the delay between withdrawals to different wallets. The minimum will be set to the exchange minimum by default, which is usually 6-7 seconds.

  • Double-check everything and confirm the withdrawal.

  • Done.

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