Bitget - adding wallets to the whitelist

How to add wallets to the whitelist on Bybit exchange?

  • On the Bitget exchange find the withdrawal section and click on "Withdraw".

  • Click "Manage addresses".

  • In the "Manage addresses" section click on "Add in batches".

  • Choose to Add EVM addresses.

  1. Add addresses to a list. Put a comma after each address and add the wallet name. You can add up to 50 wallets at a time.

  2. IMPORTANT: Be sure to enable the checkbox "Passwordless verification", it will be necessary for outputting tokens to these addresses via API key.

  3. Click "Next step".

  • Confirm the addition, and enter the password and verification codes.

  • Done. Your addresses are added and now you can withdraw any tokens to them via EVM networks through Combine using API keys. How to add Bitget API key to output tokens - you can read in the section "API key of Bitget exchange".

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