Bitget API keys

How to get a Bybit API key and add it to Combine?

Getting a Bitget Exchange API key(

  • Find and click on the "API" section.

  • Click "Create API".

  • Enter a name for the API key.

  • Set a password.

  • Enter your IP address (it is necessary to do this to give API key permission to withdraw funds from your account)

  • Set permissions for read, trade, transfers, and withdrawal (IMPORTANT! You can put the permission for withdrawal only after adding your IP).

  • Enter all verification codes and create an API key.

  • Add data from the API key to Combine in the Settings -> API keys -> Bitget -> Add API Key.

  • IMPORTANT! When working with Combine and this API key - we use exactly the IP address that we added to this API key.

  • Done, your API key has been added. Now you need to add your wallets to the whitelist of Bitget exchange for withdrawal. You can read how to do this in the section "Bitget - adding wallets to the whitelist".

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