Bybit API keys

How to get a Bybit API key and add it to Combine?

Getting a Binance Exchange API key (

  • Select "API" in the Bybit exchange menu.

  • Click "Create New Key".

  • Select "System-generated API Keys".

  • 1 - Select API Transaction.

  • 2 - Enter the name for the key.

  • Select "Read-Write".

  • Select "Only IPs with permission granted are allowed to access the OpenAPI".

  • Go here: to find out your IP address.

  • Enter your IP address into the field under the "Restrict access to trusted IPs only" option.

  • Enable all permissions and click "Send".

  • Confirm 2FA code.

  • Copy the relevant data.

  • Paste it into te respective fields in the Combine app. Done.

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