OKX API keys

How to get an OKX API key and add it to Combine?

OKX API keys are the most important when it comes to working with exchanges, as they not only allow you to withdraw tokens from the OKX exchange but also receive tokens to OKX subaccounts, as well as transfer them to the main OKX account and withdraw them again to new crypto wallets.

Instructions on getting an API key on the OKX exchange (https://www.okx.com).

  • Visit the exchange and log into your account.

  • Go to the "API Keys" section.

  • Click "Create API V5 key".

  • 1 - Enter a name for the API key.

  • 2 - Enter a passphrase and save it. You will need the passphrase when adding the API key to Combine.

  • 3 - Mark the permissions as on the screenshot below.

  • 4 - Click "Confirm".

5 - IMPORTANT! Note that without whitelisting your IP address, the API key will expire in 14 days. If you want your API key to remain valid for longer, you need to link your IP to your API key. Go here https://www.ipaddress.my/ to find out your IP address.

  • Enter the verification codes and confirm.

  • You will see all of the API key data on the next screen.

  • Go back to Combine.

  • 1 - Switch to "Settings".

  • 2 - Click "API Keys".

  • 3 - Select OKX.

  • 4 - Click "Add API Key".

  • Enter an API key name.

  • Enter the data from the "API key" field on OKX into the "KEY" field in Combine.

  • Enter the data from the "Secret Key" field on OKX into the "Secret" field in Combine.

  • Enter your passphrase into the "Password" field.

  • Click "Check key" and, assuming the values you provided are valid, the Add API key button will become active.

  • Done. This is what a newly added key looks like in the Combine app.

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