How do I add a proxies to Combine?

You can add proxies to Combine either one at a time or in batches of several proxies at once.

To add a single proxy:

  • 1 - Go to Settings.

  • 2 - Choose Proxies.

  • 3 - Click "Add Proxy".

  • 1 - In the "Proxy name" field enter the name of the proxy so that you can easily find the desired proxy in the list.

  • 2 - In the "Type" field select the type of proxy. You can add socks5 and https proxies.

  • 2 - In the "Host" and "Port" fields enter the data from the proxy.

  • 3 - Enter the "Username" and "Password" from the proxy.

  • 4 - Click "Check Proxy".

  • If the proxy is valid you will see the corresponding pop-up window.

  • Then click "Add Proxy".

  • If you want to use mobile proxies, then in the "Ip rotate trigger" field insert the link that will be used to change the IP address. But with a mobile proxy, you will not be able to launch accounts in a multithread mode, only one-by-one mode.

To add multiple proxies:

  • Click "Add batch Proxy".

  • 1 - Select the delimiter that matches the one that the file with your proxies has.

  • 2 - Enter the proxy name If you upload 10 proxies, then all wallets will be enumerated using a "name + number", e.g. Proxy 1, Proxy 2 etc.

  • 3 - Click "Upload" and select the proxy file.

  • The proxies in your file should be of the following format "" (example).

  • 4 - When selecting "By Index" in the "Auto attach proxy to accounts" field, the proxies will be attached to those accounts that don't already have proxies attached in sequential order.

Proxy Export:

  • 1 - To export the added proxies, click the Export proxies button.

  • 2 - Select the file format.

  • 3 - Enter the file name.

  • 4 - Select the data to be uploaded in the file.

  • 5 - Click "Export Data"

The "Action" section:

  • Clicking on the first icon displays all of the information on a proxy.

  • Click on the pencil icon to rename a proxy.

  • Clicking on the bin icon deletes a proxy.

  • To delete all proxies, click "Delete all Proxies".

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