Settings & Launch

The zkSync software's modes. How to configure and launch them.

Settings & Launch is the main tab of the zkSync module. It allows you to select the mode you need, select wallets, configure the selected mode, and run the module.

Types of modes

At this time the module features 3 modes:

  • Bridge Mode - for interacting with bridges;

  • Block Mode - for interacting with the main protocols on the zkSync blockchain.

  • Volume Mode - to rack up volume on the zkSync network.

Launch formats

You can select the order in which your wallets will start operation (applicable both to the Block Mode, Bridge mode, and Volume mode) in the "Run mode" tab.

Right now, you can choose one of 3 options:

  • Parallel - your wallets launching operation in parallel (multithread), with or without IPv4 proxies;

  • Оne-by-one - your wallets launching operation sequentially, one after another, with or without IPv4 proxies.

  • One-by-one (mobile proxy) - your wallets launching operation sequentially using SPECIFICALLY mobile proxies. The proxies have to be added through Settings -> Proxies beforehand.

Selection of wallets to launch

  • In the "Select wallets to launch" section, select the wallets that you want to work with.

  • To launch a wallet group, click "Select wallets to launch" and select a group in the "Select Accounts group to launch" section. Grouping wallets is done in the Account Manager -> Grouping wallets section.

Now let's dive into more detail on how to configure each of the two main module modes:

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