Bridge mode

How to bridge tokens through Bridge mode in the zkSync software.

  • Select "Bridge mode" in the "Mode" section.

  • Select one of the three mode options in "Run Mode" section.

  • Next, select the bridge you want to interact with in the "Bridge type" section. The two available options are the zkSync official bridge and Orbiter.

  • In the "Account delays" section, set the delay in seconds between account launches

  • If the bridge selected in the "Bridge type" section is the zkSync official bridge, then you can choose depositing from Ethereum or withdrawing from zkSynch to Ethereum in the "Bridge mode" section

  • If the bridge selected in the "Bridge type" is Orbiter, you may deposit from Arbitrum, Optimism, BNB and Ethereum to zkSync and back. In the second field, you may select what network to send your tokens to

  • The "Amount" section has two subsections: "Send range" and "Leave range".

"Send range" lets you send a specified $ETH range, whereas "Leave range" enables you to leave a selected $ETH range on wallets and only send whatever is above this threshold.

  • Enter the ranges and click "Apply to selected wallets". The actual amount to be applied to a wallet will be visible in the "Amount to bridge" field. You can configure this field manually.

  • Next, set the gas limit on Ethereum for the transactions. The app will wait until the gas price falls to the set limit.

  • If you want to randomize the order in which your wallets launch, tick the "Randomize wallets?" checkbox.

  • To start a session and launch the software - click "Launch".

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