Custom NFT creation mode

How to create collections with Custom NFT creation mode.

Using this mode you can create your own collection on Zora.

  • Select the Custom NFT creation mode.

  • Click "Open custom NFT mint settings". This will open a collection settings window.

  • The "Random Names" button will generate a random name for your collection for all your wallets.

  • The "Random Symbols" button will generate a random symbol for your collection for all your wallets.

  • The "Random Description" button will generate a random description for your collection for all your wallets.

  • Upload your NFT collection image in the NFT Image field.

- The "Opepen" button lets you generate an NFT Opepen with random body part colors taken directly from the Opepen generation page;

- The "Custom" button lets you upload your own image from your local storage.

  • Selecting Opepen will make it generate automatically. It'll be shown as a small icon, clicking on which will open a full res image. If you don't like the Opepen you've generated and you want to generate a new one, simply click on the upload button again and select Opepen, the image will refresh in a few seconds

  • When using Custom, just select an image on your computer and upload it to Combine.

  • Set the mint price for the collection in the NFT Price section.

  • Set the royalty for sales of your NFTs in the NFT Royalty section.

  • You may randomly generate or regenerate an NFT name, NFT symbol, and NFT description for a specific wallet by clicking on a refresh icon in the Actions section.

  • NFT Name, NFT Symbol, and NFT Description can be configured manually by setting their respective fields.

  • Once you're done configuring the collection, simply close the collection settings window and proceed to configure the session.

  • The delays between actions are set in the Delays section. The Wallet setting configures delays between launching wallets, the Mint setting configures delays between mints.

  • The Max gas price section configures the gas threshold on Ethereum, under which transactions will be done. The software will wait for the gas price to fall under the set threshold and then start doing transactions.

  • If you want to randomize the order by which wallets are launched, check the "Randomize wallets" checkbox.

  • To lower the transaction processing fees, check the "Dump gas" checkbox.

  • To start a session, click "Launch".

  • Done. Now you can read logs for this launch in the "Logs & Progress" section.

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