Transactions mode

How send self-transactions with Transactions mode.

There is one feature in the Zora network that can be used to increase the number of wallet transactions: if you send ETH to yourself (from one wallet to that same wallet), this action will be counted as a transaction with a very low fee (~$0.05-$0.1). In Explorer, this action will look like a normal transaction, but use this mod at your own risk. You can easily be marked as Sybil for this kind of transaction. We provide the opportunity and it's up to you to decide whether to use it or not.

  • 1 - Select the Transactions mode.

  • Select wallets to be used in this session.

  • 2 - The delays between actions are set in the "Delays" section. The "Wallet" setting configures delays between launching wallets, the "Transaction" setting configures delays between self-transactions.

  • 3 - The Max gas price section configures the gas threshold on Ethereum, under which transactions will be done. The software will wait for the gas price to fall under the set threshold and then start doing transactions.

  • 4 - The Transaction count range configures the amount of transactions for a wallet for this session.

  • 5 - The "Work amount range %" section configures the ETH range to be used by each wallet to send to itself.

  • 6 - If you want to randomize the order by which wallets are launched, check the "Randomize wallets" checkbox.

  • 6 - To lower the transaction processing fees, check the "Dump gas" checkbox.

  • To start a session, click "Launch".

Transactions mode setup and launch.
  • Done. Now you can read logs for this launch in the "Logs & Progress" section.

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