Zora Wallet manager

The Wallet manager section in the zkSync software

In this section, you will learn:

* How to add wallets to the Zora Wallet manager and how to attach proxies to these wallets.

* How to make a UI touch.

* What the Actions section does and how to see the wallet activity stats on Zora.

Adding wallets:

  • Click "Add More Wallets".

  • Select the wallets to be added to the module. You need to add wallets to your account's main list using the "Wallet Manager" section of the Combine app itself.

Attaching proxies to wallets:

  • To attach a proxy to a specific address, click "Attach proxy".

  • Click "Attach proxy".

UI touch:

The UI touch feature allows you to interact with the official Zora bridge, as well as with the official Zora website, without worrying that you are not leaving a footprint on the bridge website itself. The founder of Zora hinted in an interview that they will monitor the interaction of wallets with their application interfaces (the official bridge and the main zora.co website), so it is a good move to do at least one interaction directly through the interface. In Combine, we implemented interaction with the official bridge, with the Zora.co website, mint.fun, and Open Art through the UI (not just on-chain through a smart contract). This lowers your chances of being labeled as Sybil. We strongly recommend that you use the official bridge through UI touch with a proxy when sending money for the first time to the Zora network, and also interact with other sites in the "UI" list at least once.

  • Click on the UI touch button.

  • In the User Agent field, you can see your fingerprint. The fingerprint is automatically selected from a list of over 10,000 of the world's most common fingerprints. The initially generated fingerprint is assigned to the wallet until you click "Generate New".

  • Select a platform/site.

  • Click "Launch".

  • Once you have clicked "Launch", a browser window with the specified proxies and the generated User Agent will open. The wallet you have chosen will be automatically added to this browser and immediately connected to the website.

  • Enter the amount that you want to send to Zora from Ethereum.

  • Click "Bridge".

  • Click "Confirm" in the next window to confirm the transfer.

  • To cancel an action, click "Reject".

Please note that it takes more than 7 days for tokens to return from Zora and they need to be claimed on the Ethereum network. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary spending, send ETH to Zora one way with the initial understanding that they will be spent.

  • To mark the account that did the UI interaction, tick the checkbox next to the UI touch button.

The Actions section:

  • When clicking on the first icon in the Actions section, a DeBank stats page on the selected wallet will open.

  • If you click on the second icon, a page containing the wallet's Explorer page (https://explorer.zora.energy) will open.

  • And clicking on the "bin" icon removes the selected wallet from the list.

The Status section:

The Status section will display a wallet's status in the last session that included it and the date the wallet was used last.

  • If the date is in green, the wallet finished operating with no errors.

  • If the date is in red, the wallet was paused threw an error during operation.

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